Wellness For Life

Wellness For Life is a physician referral required fitness program that was developed for people who are at risk or who have been diagnosed with certain chronic illnesses.  Specifically the program is designed to assist individuals who have modifiable risk factors for diabetes, coronary artery disease, and pulmonary disease, decrease their risk through an individually based exercise program in a group setting.

Who Is This Program For?

  • Individuals who have elevated cholesterol and/or blood pressure, who are diabetic, and/or who are obese.
  • Individuals with a history of two or more of the above but are presently under control with medication.
  • Individuals with known cardiac, pulmonary, or metabolic disease who have had an incident and have completed cardiac rehabilitation or physical therapy and are entering their maintenance phase of care.

Who This Program Is Not For:

  • Relatively healthy individuals with no risk factors for cardiopulmonary health.
  • This program is not to take the place of Cardiac Rehabilitation or Physical Therapy.

Program Description:

  • Referral is required from a physician, cardiac rehabilitation or physical therapy.
  • Each individual program lasts for 24 exercising visits.
  • The program meets 3 times per week as a group (Monday, Wednesday & Friday).
  • Each individual has an intake meeting with the center’s Exercise Physiologist scheduled by appointment on a Tuesday or Thursday.
  • Each participant exercises 3 times per week in a group setting during one of the following time slots:
    • MWF: 7AM-8AM
    • MWF: 10AM-11AM
    • MWF: 1PM-2PM
    • TTH: 10AM-11AM
    • Possibility for additional classes as needs arise

Participants are required to choose one time slot and to remain consistent with their choice throughout the program.

  • Class Exercise Format:  Participants are prescribed a program to meet their individual needs.  Exercise component includes both cardiovascular and strength training exercises.
  • Pre and Post exercise blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation levels are monitored and documented.
  • Exercise heart rates are monitored and documented.


Non LWC Members: 12 Sessions for $36 or 24 Sessions for $72
At the end of the 12/24 workout sessions, those wishing to continue may do so by purchasing a full membership.  Facility registration fees are not charged for graduates of this program who wish to purchase a membership.

LWC members:  Members wishing to join or continue Wellness For Life may need to pay the difference in price if membership dues are less than price of 12 sessions.  Members are also allowed to use other areas of the facility as they wish.


For More Information contact:
Jeremiah Enberg, MS
Clinical Liaison/ Wellness For Life Coordinator
276-782-1199 ext:



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