One certified lifeguard is on duty at all times.  The Natatorium is comprised of three pools:

  • Lap Pool:
    The lap pool is 84 degrees and is 25 yards long and 6 lanes wide.  The depth ranges from 3 ½ feet to 6 feet.  The lap pool offers lap swimming where two lanes are available at all times except during afternoon swim team.  Kick boards and fins are available for lap swimming usage.  Shallow and deep aerobic water classes take place in the lap pool.  Leisurely swimming and play are available with noodles, resistance weights, kick boards, diving rings and basket balls.
    The Lifetime Aquatic Swim Organization (LASO) and Marion Senior High School use the pool for practices and meets.
  • Therapy Pool:
    The therapy pool is 94 degrees.  The Therapy pool is 22 ft. X 20 ft.  It is considered a No Splash Zone as its intended purpose is to provide aquatic therapy for rehabilitation patients and those needing warm water exercises.  Mountain States Physical Therapy uses the therapy pool during the day and LWC offers arthritis classes as well.
  • Jacuzzi:
    The Jacuzzi is 103 degrees.  You must be 15 years old to use the Jacuzzi.

Special Programs

  • Swim Lessons: 
    Swim lessons are offered year round.  They range in age from babies to adults.  Except for the infant classes, the classes meet 6 times and are 45 minutes long.  Class size is usually 4 participants. During the school year, classes are offered in the evenings.  During the summer, classes are offered throughout the day.  Swim lessons require an additional fee for members.  Classes are open to non-members as well but at a higher rate than for members.
  • LASO Swim Team:
    LASO is a year round highly competitive swim program.  The main practice takes place every afternoon from 3:45 – 6 pm.  The team competes in meets in the local area as well as the east coast.  The LASO team boasts a 2012 High School State Champion in the 100 and 200 freestyle.  Several of our swimmers have gone on to swim in college.  Swim team participation requires an additional fee for members and for non-members a slightly higher fee.
  • Developmental Swim Team:
    This is a pre-swim team class offered to those who think they might be interested in swim team.  It is offered for 6 weeks over the summer and meets for 1 hour 2 times a week.  The class session ends with a competition made up of relays, games and a pot luck meal.  Participation in the Developmental Swim Team requires an additional fee for members.  Classes are open to non-members as well but at a higher rate than for members.
  • Marion Senior High School Swim Team:
    This program takes place from November through February.  This is a highly competitive program that practices 1 ½ - 3 hours each day competing with local school teams.  The season ends with districts, regions and the state meet.  Pool use fee is paid by donations from local businesses.
  • Swim Smyth County:
    This program brings in all the 4th grades from Smyth County for 3 days of aquatic exposure.  The children learn 8 important rules to be safe around all aquatic facilities.  They have the chance to improve their swimming skills with instruction followed by free time for fun at the end of each hour long session.  We usually have 8 groups of 25-30 swimmers in the fall and 8 groups of 20 children in the spring. 
    No fee and transportation is provided by the Smyth County School System.
  • Masters Swimming:
    This group meets twice a week for an hour each time and swims 2000-2200 yards each time.  It gives those “older” swimmers that want to continue to swim a structured workout and makes swimming fun because of the group setting. 
    No fee for members.
  • Boy/Girl Scout Groups:
    At various times during the year, troops come to the pool to work on their swimming merit badges or to improve their swimming skills in order to pass certain skills test.  LWC staff provides instruction and supervision as needed.
    Pool use fee required for non-members.
  • Lifeguarding Classes:
    In the spring of each year, LWC offers a lifeguard certification class to those who want to become lifeguards.  The class is 31 hours of instruction and is taught by a Red Cross Certified Instructor.
  • Special Population Swims:
    During the school year, we host the MSHS and MIS special needs children for swimming one day a month.  During the summer, we host physical therapy and their patients to use the therapy pool and lap pool for therapy to students from Mt. Rogers.
    No fee for classes during the school year.
  • Pool Parties:
    Pool parties are offered to both members ($100.00) and non-members ($125.00).  This fee covers use of the pool and classroom for 2 hours and up to 20 participants.  Times for parties are Saturday and Sunday, 2-4 pm or 3-5 pm.  The pool is still open to members during this time.  Registration is suggested 2-3 weeks prior to your request.
  • Water Aerobic Classes:
    Several classes are offered during the week.  These include deep and shallow water classes that take place in the lap pool and arthritis classes that take place in the therapy pool.  Consult the schedule for days and times.
    No fee for members.


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